Sifu David F. Leong
Northwest Kung Fu and Fitness
Martial Arts and Fitness
(formerly Belltown Martial Arts)

Class Information

Group Classes
Classes are open to all skill levels and ages. Classes are structured in a family friendly and non-competitive environment. Kung Fu is a dedication of patience, hard work and consistency. There are no short cuts and you will see your strength and flexibility evolve with the ancient art. 


Hung Kuen (Hung Gar) Kung Fu:
Once a week $75 per month
Up to 3 times a week $95 per month

Class Schedule
Monday and Wednesday Class 7pm-8:15pm at Montlake Community Center 1618 E. Calhoun St. Seattle, 98112

Saturday Class Noon-1:30pm at 1200 Stewart St. Seattle, 98101

If this is your first class, please call the school at 206-683-6004 a few days before your visit. Occasionally we have community events and performances that overlap normal classes and may need to reschedule class times.

Class Curriculum

Whether you want to just get into shape or have an interest to learn a fantastic art and self-defense, you are welcome at our school. Our class workouts can be tailored for those who are interested in delving into the culture of Kung Fu and improve their overall health. We offer a very effective program for individuals who would like to develop coordination, flexibility, body alignment, endurance, and strength. Our class uses centuries old fundamental isometric exercises and movements that strengthen every part of the body. Students who decide to enter the "journey" of Kung Fu will find it to be an amazing road of discovery and health.

All classes are approximately 75-90 minutes long. Some sessions are longer if we are training for an event. All students can leave anytime if needed, but should try to stay for the duration of the class.

All classes start with a group warm-up routine (approximately 15 minutes). The group is then separated into smaller units and individuals depending on respective levels. Once separated, each group works on refining and understanding their techniques (approximately 35 minutes); we then come together as a group and begin conditioning exercises (approximately 12 minutes). Finally, we practice forms and techniques. This is the time for questions and extra training. Class then concludes.

Class Attire

Wear workout gear and bring a towel. Initially, any workout wear is okay, but all students should eventually purchase a Kung Fu uniform if they choose to train in Chinese Kung Fu. Having the proper Kung Fu uniform will mentally enhance your workout overall. For students that choose the exercise only option, a uniform is not required.

Entering and Exiting and Class Etiquette
Traditionally, it is respectful to acknowledge General Kwan (a famous general in Chinese history and patron of the Chinese martial arts), the Leong family banner, and the school banner. To acknowledge, one should bow three times on entering and three times on exiting the main studio--first to General Kwan, then the family banner, and then the school banner. This process is then reversed upon exiting--bow first to the school banner, then to the family banner, and finally to General Kwan. If you are briefly exiting to return, bow once to the school banner upon your return. There is no religious significance to this process--it is a traditional and Chinese cultural symbol of respect.

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