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Sifu David F. Leong

Sifu David Leong performs an advanced form that focuses chi


Sifu David F. Leong, born in Seattle, WA, started his Kung Fu training at the age of 6. At that young age, though, he did not fully understand Kung Fu and eventually stopped attending class. However, Sifu Leong was mesmerized one day while witnessing a Chinese Lion Dance for Chinese Lunar New Year. The Lion Dance intrigued Sifu Leong; he knew at that point that one day he was going to be a lion dancer. When he was 8 years old, Sifu Leong attended Chinese summer camp and discovered that the camp had a lion dance program. All of the summer camp students were much older and several of the camp counselors persuaded Sifu Leong to try playing the drum. To their surprise, Sifu Leong was the best drummer and quickly became the head drummer for the lion dance group at only 8 years of age.

At the age of 14, Sifu Leong decided that it was time to try Kung Fu again and to put the necessary time and discipline into the art to fully understand it. Sifu Leong knew that the true art of Chinese Kung Fu required a full commitment: mentally, physically, and spirtually. Sifu Leong put all of his time and effort into the development and understanding of Hung Kuen Kung Fu. He spent the majority of his early teens training and participating in many Kung Fu events in the community. Sifu Leong also believed in the cultural and moral responsibilities that come along wtih Kung Fu. One should always respect and protect his family-- it is his or her duty--and one should always be as fair as possible to everyone. These philosophies are still upheld by Sifu Leong and are demonstrated in his Kung Fu school.

Sifu Leong knew he would open a Kung Fu school in Seattle--it was just a matter of when. Opening a Kung Fu school requires a commitment to the students, in time and effort. True Kung Fu requires a level of commitment from teacher to student and vice versa. That level of commitment can vary, depending on a student's schedule and to what level of proficiency that the student wants to achieve. True Kung Fu is not a race to the finish. In fact, there is no finish. True Kung Fu is a journey of self-discovery, and along that journey, hopefully, students can learn and develop skills that can benefit their lives. This is what motivates Sifu Leong to teach and share his knowledge of Chinese Kung Fu.

Sifu Leong spent his early years in Seattle training and volunteering his time to various community groups and events. He has participated in many fundraisers, demonstrations, pageants, New Year's events, and many others. In 1997, Sifu Leong moved to Hong Kong, where he became a well known actor and model. He has been in several movies and has filmed many television commercials all over the world. He has worked in films with Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Jackie Chan as an actor and stunt choreographer. Sifu Leong also plans to shoot a movie in Seattle sometime in the near future.

Today, Sifu Leong operates Northwest Kung Fu and Fitness in Seattle; it is extremely fulfilling for Sifu Leong to see students gain new skills and a willingness to learn a traditional art form and self-defense. In addition to teaching Chinese Kung Fu, Sifu Leong teaches the art of Chinese Lion Dancing. Both art forms require a tremendous amount of focus and patience. In Chinese martial arts, patience is virtue.

Sifu Leong is also the owner of AcquaBar Restaurant in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood.


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Into the Sun - USA (2005)
Credited as: David Leong (Tong #1)
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Knock Off - USA/Hong Kong (1998)
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Little Buddha - USA (1994)
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Treasure Hunter - Hong Kong (2000)
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Who Am I? - Hong Kong (1998)
Credited as: David Leong Fie (CIA agent)
Stars: Jackie Chan, Michelle Ferre, Mirai Yamamoto
Directors: Jackie Chan and Benny Chan

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