Northwest Kung Fu and Fitness

​​​​​​​To get information on classes, lion dances, events, please email us at -

or call Sifu David F. Leong at (206) 954-0965.

Sifu Leong perpetuates the true philosophy of kung-fu and the life long pursuit of patience, hard work, honesty, tradition, and respect to others. As a teacher, Sifu Leong has dedicated over 35 years to Hung Kuen Kung-Fu and it's teachings and passes this tradition to his students.

Regularly scheduled classes are every Monday and Wednesday evening from 7:00 pm-8:15 pm and Saturday from Noon - 1;15 pm. Adults, Children, Beginners, are all welcome to visit our class and work out with us. - 


Northwest Kung Fu and Fitness, led by Sifu David F. Leong carries on the tradition of Chinese Hung Kuen Kung-Fu. Hung Kuen Kung Fu originates from southern China and is historically one of the few styles passed on from generation to generation relatively unchanged within the last few hundred years .

Hung Gar is known for its low stances, strong blocks and punches, and pure application of kung fu technique in self defense and physical conditioning and strengthening.​

Our school is an active community, and we regularly perform Chinese lion dances ceremonies. Lion dances are lively, festive, colorful and one of the many ways our school continues the traditions of Chinese Kung Fu.